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We stock and can source a range of clutch and braking and components for your BMW, Fiat or Alfa Romeo from brake shoes, dics, sensors and more! Contact us today!

We spacialise in clutch kits (OEM, Sachs / LuK) and others for BMW E30s, E36, E46 models and parts for manual conversions - Getrag 220, 240, 260. Supplying nationwide in NZ.

Also clutch kits for popular Fiat/Alfa models from early Unos, Alfa 33s to modern Ducato motor-homes / Iveco, Alfa Giuliettas, Giulas.

Calls us first for all of your BMW, Alfa and Fiat supplies.

These include:

-ABS ('wheel speed'/ pulse generator) Sensors
-Brake Hoses
-Brake Pad Kits
-Brake Rotors
-Brake Wear Sensors
-Clutch Kits (OEM and aftermarket)
-Master Clylinders (Brake & Clutch)
-Slave Cylinders

We also have a range of driveshaft components, from hanger bearings, to driveshaft couplings ("doughnuts") etc.

Clutch & Braking Components

Excluding GST
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